INF Inc.’s main service is localization of technical materials or various types of documents with flexibility and stable quality to the high standard in many fields.

【Supported languages】

We cover a wide range of languages as follows; English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Polish, and other Eastern European languages, Northern European languages, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, and other.

【 Our service 】

  • – Standard (of design, manufacturing, inspection, etc.), specification, user’s manual of machine, work procedure, educational material, drawing, general engineering reference material and others
  • – Company brochure, CSR report, catalogue, manuals, in-house newsletter, video narration script, press release
  • – Website translation
  • – Software/localization
  • – Scientific paper, medial paper
  • – Patent
  • – Visa (US Visa (E, L, H), and relevant documents, contract)
  • – Creation of technical dictionary, machine translation dictionary, and other

【 Detailed check of translation 】

Proofreading, cross-check, re-writing, check by native speaker

We offer the best translation service by detailed check of the content and style of the translation according to the place, purpose, and reader of the translation. Feel free to contact us for detail of your request.

  • – Proofreading: Review of the translation for higher accuracy
  • – Cross check: Check between two or more languages
  • – Re-writing: Revision, editing, and re-writing of existing translation
  • – Check by native speaker: Proofreading by native speaker for more natural expression

Note: We offer re-translation service by the correction ratio as follows:

Proofreading: Less than 30%
Re-writing: Less than 50%
Translation: 50% or more

In the above case, we will contact you in advance.