Machine Translation Fee

MTPE (with post-editing)

* Note on word/character count: The word/character count for translation is the number of words/characters contained in the original text, not in the translation.
Spaces between characters and each period at the end of a sentence are counted.

* We will ask you about your intention and calculate the price.

[Cancellation charge]
– 10 pages or less: ¥3000 (minimum charge)
– 11 pages or more: ¥350 per page

* The cancellation charge is considered to be the amount of data used for automatic translation processing.
* Please be aware that the cancellation charge will be charged when you contact us to officially place an order.

Option fee

* Proofreading by a native English speaker: ¥ 2000 (180 words per page)

* Character extraction from image data: ¥ 5000 per hour (subject pages only)

* DTP (= Desk Top Publishing) : ¥ 1000 ~ ¥ 3000 (A4 size, one page)

* You can create your own translation engine by preparing for glossaries or translation data (actual expense).